Group Food Safety Training

Get Your Employees Food Safety Certified

Group food safety training is an effective way to foster team building, keep everyone accountable for the knowledge gained, and ensure everyone attends training at a known location such as at your place of business.  Schedule a group training session at your preferred location and at your preferred time.  It's best to book your training at least 7 days in advance.

Mike Alderman is a certified ServSafe proctor and will deliver food safety training to get your employees certified on the first try.

serv safe food handler certification proctor

Group Discounts Available

Save money on your food safety training! Group discounts are available for parties of 5 or more.  The price for training is $150/person but a 15% discount is available for groups. Payment is due at time of services rendered, if less than 5 attendees show the discount will not be applied.

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Why Group Training?

Foster Team Building

Raise employee morale and foster team building through group training tailored to your specific food serving environment.

Easy To Find Location

Avoid the hassle of coordinating sending employees to an unknown 3rd party location.  Hold training for all at your place of business.

Study Together

Let employees help each other learn in a familiar group environment and increase the likelihood of everyone passing.

Exam Prep Training Materials

The National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® Program is the premier provider of food safety training. The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager certification meets the state of Florida and Georgia requirements. This Certification is recognized in all 50 states and is valid for 5 years.

Get prepared for your Serv Safe food safety certification exam with our condensed study guide.  Our study guide will be emailed to your in PDF format and covers common items featured on exams.  Save time and study only the most important topics to prepare for your exam.

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Schedule Group Food Safety Certification Training

Our food safety certification training is more than just training for the test.  Our training's are tailored to your specific restaurant or other establishment's unique circumstances.  Our training will be custom tailored to your food preparation needs and will prepare you far more effectively than catch all online training.  This will reduce your potential liability and potential for a disastrous food safety incident. Click the link below to schedule your group training and get your employees certified.

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