Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Training's Conducted?

Food safety training's are conducted at your place of business or other preferred location.  One of the key benefits of working with Alderman & Associates is that we come to you!  Our primary markets that we serve are:

  • Savannah
  • Brunswick
  • Jacksonville
  • St Augustine
  • Daytona Beach

When Are Training's Scheduled?

We can schedule a training around your schedule.  Most training sessions can be scheduled with at least 7 days notice.  Training availability is subject to demand within your local area.  Contact us to inquire about availability.

Am I Guaranteed To Pass?

Although we can't guarantee a passing score, our course attendees have a 97% pass rate. We're confident that if you attend our class, pay attention, and ask relevant questions, you will pass. We are so confident in our class presentation that we offer a significant discount to anyone who does not obtain the 75% required for a passing grade.

Do You Offer Training Materials?

Yes! We will provide you with a condensed study guide with items commonly featured on the test.  This saves you time by studying the most important material.  Study materials will be emailed to you in a PDF format as part of your purchase.

How Much Does Training Cost?

Our in person food safety training courses are $160/person. Occasional group discounts may be available.  See our group food safety training page for more details.

Do You Offer Online Training?

Yes, online training vouchers can be provided at special request.  With online training you lose the ability to have your training customized to your specific food serving environment and a host of other benefits.  Online training's typically have a lower pass rate as well.

How Can I Take The Exam?

All exams are taken online, but a certified proctor must be present in person to supervise the exam.  Alderman & Associates is a certified ServSafe proctor and can work with you to take the exam and get certified.

All CDC sanitation and social distancing guidelines will be adhered to as part of the proctoring process.